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Tropical Roaches as Pets

Journal and Observations

An ongoing record of my roach cultures.

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10-7-02 It has been a long time since I have updated the journal and observations page. I have sold off my Hissing roach colonies (well over 700 individual roaches)due to overcrowding and lack of space and profit in their keeping. I also seem to have developed an allergy to them. I am now concentrating on only raising blaberus craniifer the true death's head roach, blaberus giganteus the giant cave roach, and A. tessalata the peppered roach. Currently I still have small colonies of orange head roaches, fake death head roaches and forest roaches though I aim to sell these off soon. I may attempt a crossbreeding of blaberus craniifer and discoidales. This apparently has been successfully done and sounds like an interesting project.
This summer I sold approximately 1500 roaches including the Hisser colonies. Am also keeping four native Colorado darkling beetles in with the last five hissing roaches that I have left.

12-2-01 All the cultures are doing well. The Peppered roaches are finally reaching maturity. I now have an adult of each gender. Quite a difference in size and looks between them. I will be adding some pictures and add a page of them soon. Also will add some pics of my daughters playing with some roaches. The feedback from the site has been great and overwhelmingly positive. I am now a distributor of roaches to a major pet store in Casper Wyoming. They have been selling well and I expect to send another major shipment of roaches to them before Christmas.

6-19-01 My Orange head roaches had about thirty-five nymphs this afternoon. Last week I received 9 Eastern lubber grasshoppers and a whip scorpion from Florida. My count of molted adult Blaberus giganteus is up to nine with several witnessed matings so I hope to have some nymphs before to long.

6-2-01 This last month I received a small shipment of A. Tessalata roaches. These should be very interesting. The Blaberus giganteus are doing great. Several have finished their last molt. Have also witnessed a mating so I should have some nymphs this summer. Sold 150 Hissers to a gentleman in New Mexico. Also expecting a whip scorpion and some green banana roaches from Florida.

4-28-01 Received my shipment of 27 Blaberus giganteus a couple of days ago. I set them up in an 18 gallon tall with a fish tank type lid and light. Also added a vary small under the tank heater on one side. A one inch layer of potting soil, a couple of plants and several medium size branches complete the set up. This is actually the first cockroach display to grace my living room for all to see.

4/16/01 Cleaned my Blaberus dis. cage and counted about 50 nymphs. My starting culture was 5 about six months ago. The fastest breeders of my various species. Counted 16 Blatica dubia nymphs and about 14 Orange Head roach nymphs. I am expecting a shipment of Blaberus Giganteus by the end of the week. I'm excited to start raising these 4 inch long giant cockroaches.

3/31/01 Observed a newly molted Hisser. Took some pics for the web site. The new batch of Orange Head roaches appear to be doing well. The smallest newborns I have seen of any species I keep.

3/24/01 Last night the first batch of young appeared in the Orange Head Roach culture. The young were observed soon after birth. They were still white with about eight still clustered in the vicinity of the egg case. Possibly born prematurely. About five dead and underdeveloped young were found. The ones who lived were extremely small but still alive this morning.

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