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Tropical Roaches as Pets
Giant Cave Roach

(Blaberus giganteus)


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This species is one of the largest and most physically appealing in the hobby. Highly sought after they are indigenous to the West Indies, lower Central America, and northern South America. I added a culture of Giganteus this summer to my collection. Unlike most others in the hobby this giant roach requires height. That is much more important than floor space and should be reflected int he type of cage used. A tall tank is highly recommeded with a large branch or piece of driftwood. They are a commom fixture in insect zoo exhibits and used often in scientific research. The Butterfly Pavilion in Denver, Co. has a stunning large culture on permanent display as well an exhibit of Hissers and Skunk roaches. Below are a couple of links to some excellent sites on the care of the Giant Cave Roach.


Giant Cockroach Care Sheet

Biology and Captive-Breeding of the Giant Cockroach


Blaberus giganteus nymph