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Tropical Roaches as Pets

Dwarf Cave Roaches

Blaberus fusca

The Dwarf Cave roach...

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The blaberus fusca roach is an extremely easy and interesting roach to keep.  It requires very little care and in a short time will multiply into the hundreds.  An excellent size and temperment as feeders or pets they are unable to climb glass.  For the last couple years these have made the rounds masquerading as the 'true death head' roach (blaberus craniifer) but b. craniifer is very rare in the U.S. thought I have been lucky enough to have just traded for a dozen sub-adults.  In my opinion probably these are the  best feeder roach to keep. They can be kept like their cousins blaberus discoidales and blaberus giganteus.  Apple cores and dry dog food are the only fare mine receive and it seems to be all it takes to produce a healthy and large culture.