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Tropical Roaches as Pets
Fake Death's Head Roach

(Blaberus discoidales)

Click Here for a Pic of the "True Death's Head" Roach (Blaberus craniifer)

Click Here for a Pic of the Giant Cave Roach (Blaberus giganteus)


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This Blaberus species is very common in the hobby and is often raised by reptile enthusiasts as a food source. One should not have too difficult of a time finding a source for them. For some reason this species is often sold as Blaberus cranifer, the "true" death's head cockroach (see above link). They are also often mistaken for their larger cousins Blaberus giganteus, the Trinidad, Cave or Giant cockroach. An attractive interesting species they are another good and easily available roach for the beginner. I currently have about 60 sub-adults. I sold all my breeding adults and will probably be reducing my stock to just a few specimens. As with all my cockroach species they subsist on various fruits and crushed dried dog food. This species hails from Mexico and Central America.