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Tropical Roaches as Pets
Forest Roaches

(Blaptica dubia)


(Male left, Female Right) An interesting difference in genders with the males having fully developed wings and the females having just residual useless wings.

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The French Guiana Forest Roach is a species that has not been commonly kept in the United States but whose popularity is expanding rapidly. By contrast the species is one of the most commonly kept in Europe, especially in Germany. My original colony of four males and one female was purchased as nymphs from a private breeder. The female pictured produced her first litter of about thirty nymphs in early December of 2000. They seem to be easy to care for and the males are apparently not territorial. Though these roaches are not especially eye catching the most interesting feature about them is the striking difference between the males and females. The females are flightless and have only residual wings. This trait is not necessarily uncommon among cockroaches but rare among the species kept in the hobby. I hope to be able to provide starting cultures for others in the forseeable future.